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Services Offered and Industries Served

VANCAPP TOLLING Inc. offers a complete range of bulk and specialty materials toll processing services from our processing center in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.  From Crushing to Micronizing toll processing, Material separation applications and Particle size analysis testing.

Our processing services ensure that your materials are safe and processed with the best-in-class machinery and by milling experts, and at the highest standards. From crushing and screening through to micronizing, we will meet your materials specifications. If you are considering options for short or long-term processing capacity or to meet uneven seasonal swing production, VANCAPP TOLLING INC. is a call you should make. VANCAPP TOLLING processing infrastructure includes the below mentioned:


Particle size reduction Applications
  • Our Air Classifier Milling System can provide large mass tolling applications. Versatility over a wide range of materials. Capable of particle size fineness of  5 micron.

  • R&D classifier system; For small micronizing applications


Crushing / Screening Applications
  • Roll Crushers

  • Stationary Screeners

  • Ultrasonic Screeners

  • Sieve Analysis


Particle size Analysis Testing

VANCAPP TOLLING has its own laboratory for particle size analysis testing, verification, determine production capacity.



Our packaging capabilities include filling FIBCs, open-top or spout-top, small and multiwall bags, buckets, gay-lords, Super sack/totes, and drums.


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Performance, product consistency, safety and sustainability underpin VANCAPP TOLLING’S contributions to this specialized Industry. VANCAPP TOLLING Inc. respects and responds to the particular challenges facing chemical manufacturers. Deep technical expertise and a true understanding of the needs of this industry make VANCAPP TOLLING the preferred provider for Toll processing operations.


VANCAPP TOLLING Inc. is an expert in processing a wide range of Minerals and Raw Materials.


Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry; that leaves pharmaceutical manufacturers scrambling to meet increased demands while meeting strict legislation. VANCAPP TOLLING Inc. hands-on knowledge of the industry enables them to create specialized toll processing solutions.


In this intensely competitive sector, productivity, flexibility and value for the dollar are natural priorities.

Industries Served

Powder Coatings * Metallurgical * Petrochemicals * Refractory * Industrial * Carbons * Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical * Abrasives * Environmental Materials * Industrial Chemicals * Air Quality Control Systems * Mining & Minerals * Food & Agriculture

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